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The Editor welcomes suggestions and articles relevant to Hythe from members and non-members; if you have an idea for an article or item that you think would be of interest please CONTACT US.

The next issue will be the Autumn edition, issued end of August/begining of September.

Read or download the Spring Newsletter below:

A Brief History of the Masthead: The Town Hall clock is a prominent feature of the High Street and has been regarded with affection by residents ever since its installation in 1871. In December, 1996, Mike Umbers, then editor of the newsletter, persuaded artist Rufus Segar to let him use his superb drawing of the clock as the masthead and it first appeared at the top of Newsletter 74 (February- March, 1997). However, to celebrate the 100th newsletter (June – July, 2001), he used a different design and the resulting complaints convinced him that everybody preferred Rufus Segar’s drawing and so it remains to this day.

In nearly 150 years the clock has needed repairs many times but as reported in Newsletter 178 (June – July, 2014) the clock has recently been overhauled and virtually rebuilt by specialist Smiths of Derby. This very expensive work was funded by an exceptionally generous gift by our President, Doug Amans. Here is another view of the clock, not often seen by passers-by:

The three emblems on the big shield represent

top: The Cinque Ports, lower left: the Town and Port of Hythe, lower right: the Mayor of Hythe.