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Hythe Civic Society is deeply concerned about the economic health of the High Street and the independent traders during the current coronavirus pandemic and in the longer term when life gets back to normal.  In order to make full use of the independent traders that are open it is hoped that this list will encourage you to shop locally wherever possible.  These independent traders need our support NOW.

Please download the printable list from the link below. This list will be updated each time the Civic Society receives fresh information so visit our website regularly.

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Revised 20th May 2020.


Eaton Lands Community Orchard:

This is a joint project with the Hythe Community Environmental Group.  Having spent some 2 years clearing the very overgrown site and with the permission of the Trustees (Hythe Town Council) we successfully obtained funding of £935 through the District Council’s Member Ward Budget Grant Scheme, courtesy of the Town Mayor, Doug Wade, and a further £2000 from the Kent Community Energy fund.  Planting of 11 different variety of Kentish apple, 3 pear and 2 plum trees, all 2 year half standards, took place on 1st February 2020, with 20 local resident volunteers.  This was then to be followed by the planting of a low wildlife friendly hedgerow along the 2 open sides.  Unfortunately, although delivered very shortly before lockdown, the planting had to be suspended and they are now heeled in in a member’s garden until the late autumn.  In the meantime a weekly volunteer watering rota has been set up but we would welcome more volunteers to see us through until the autumn.

Anyone interested in volunteering  please contact Alan Joyce at or telephone 01303 267085.

In addition to the hedgerow planting we will also be planting a few morello cherry and damson saplings.

We are working with Brockhill School to design and produce interpretation and information boards for educational purposes although COVID 19 has somewhat delayed any progress.

Also, we are hoping to work with the Bumblebee Trust in setting up project to encourage the bee population for the Orchard and the Wildflower meadow.

If anyone has any general enquiries or suggestions please contact Alan Joyce (see above).

Added 24th May, 2020.


Notice for members:

 In view of the continuing Covid 19 problem we would like to keep as many  members as possible updated by email, such as the collection of the 2020/2021 annual subscriptions and any latest developments ahead of the bi-monthly  newsletter.  Many members have already provided their addresses but we would like to add more where possible.  If you are in doubt as to whether we have your address please contact us on .

Added 23rd May, 2020.


Annual General Meeting:

The AGM scheduled for 12th May at the Town Hall has been postponed until later in the year.   The new date will be announced here when it is known.

Added 21st March 2020.



Due to the outbreak of coronavirus we are unable to produce the April/May Newsletter and can only say that we will produce the next issue as soon as we can.

Added 21st March 2020.


Guided Walks – Postponement:

It is with the greatest regret that, owing to the current situation regarding the Corona virus, we have postponed the start of the guided walks season indefinitely.

This includes our new walk – on Easter Saturday, 11th April – which will not go ahead.

We shall keep you informed via the website of when the Thursday morning guided walks will commence.

Added 21st March 2020.


Cancellation of Talks:

In view of the outbreak of coronavirus (Covid19) and after careful consideration of the best interests of our members the Committee has decided to cancel the remaining three talks of this year’s programme.  These were to be held on 24th March, 14th April and 28th April.   See also the Talks page.

Added 16th March 2020.


Hythe Triangle Community Garden:

A public meeting was held on Saturday 15th February in the Salvation Army Hall.  Four HCS committee members attended, there were two local councillors present and about 34 local residents also present.   Ashley Tanton and Andy Maguire welcomed all and set the scene.  They emphasised that local residents’ further help was now needed, including with the fund-raising effort, if the project’s aims are to be achieved.  They warmly acknowledged and welcomed the support of the Civic Society. 

Attendees were asked to indicate their willingness to support one or more of joining a formalised Friends Group, becoming a Trustee, participating in activity days and publicity, joining a fundraising group and joining an ideas group.  There were many questions as  to the form a community garden would take, with differing sets of views about this though gravitating to a managed semi-wild garden.

Tidy-up sessions were conducted on the site on 21st February and 1st March with practical support from FHDC.  

A meeting on site was planned but has been postponed indefinitely due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Amended 21st March 2020.


Review of Archive – Progress:

The review of all the old Civic Society committee papers, minutes, correspondence etc has now been completed.  Papers retained will be catalogued.  Historical archive documentation material has also been reviewed and the cataloguing will be updated.  The only historical material left to be reviewed are the large number of photographs; this will take some time .

Anyone wishing further information should contact Alan Joyce on 01303 267085 or email .

Added 2nd September, 2019


Committee Members Wanted:

We, like many voluntary organisations,  run with the help of energetic and enthusiastic committee members.  We want to expand our committee by 4 and are looking for people with a love of Hythe and a keen interest in maintaining it’s integrity.   We vet planning applications,  discuss improvements – Mackeson Square was a Hythe Civic Society initiative – and organize social events.

We meet at 7pm on the third Tuesday of every month at the Spiritual Church Hall, Mount Street. The meetings are informal and ideas to enhance the Society’s role and activities are always welcome.  If you would like to come along to a meeting and see what we’re about please contact the Secretary, Mary Hunter, telephone no 01303 268423 or send an email to

Added 12th May, 2019.


Eaton Lands Bumblebee Project:

Starting in November last year HCS volunteers have been working with Hythe Town Council, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the allotment society on a project to regenerate the wildflower meadow, following a quick survey by a Bumblebee Trust member and  Alan Joyce (HCS) to identify the wildflower species currently in the meadow.  Some 18 species were identified (58 species had been sown originally).  In early December the team of volunteers prepared 7 patches of varying sizes and sowed a further quantity of 17 species, including yellow rattle which helps to restrict the growth of the meadow grass.  It is hoped that regenerating the meadow will enhance the insect population and in addition reintroduce ground-nesting bumblebees.  Also, it is planned to introduce bee hotels to encourage those varieties which nest above ground during 2019.

Added  13th January, 2019.


St.Leonard’s Churchyard:

Volunteers to help keep the churchyard looking trim are always welcome.  If you would like to join our working parties or to help in any other way, please contact us or telephone Sally Chesters on 01303 266118.

Added  22nd November 2018