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Hythe Civic Society publish ‘A guided walk in a book’
If you are interested in Hythe’s history, you can’t get to the guided walks on a Thursday or you have visitors looking for something to do, Hythe Civic Society have published a guided walk in a book for use at any time…  ‘A walk around historic Hythe – a gentle guided tour around the historic town of Hythe in Kent..’

Full colour, 68 pages, it includes lots of great photographs past and present…

Available at Ideas, High Street, Hythe, @ £5 per copy

For more information contact: Sally Chesters 01303 266118

Hythe Civic Society AGM
The 2022 Annual Meeting of the Hythe Civic Society will be held at 7pm on Tuesday 24 May at 7pm in the Town Hall, High Street.  Both Members and friends will be most welcome.  For further details of the annual meeting please refer to the AGM page.

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Hythe in Bloom

In addition to its usual role of providing floral displays, for the past three years, Hythe in Bloom has organised a group of keen gardening volunteers to work in the town. They meet every Tuesday morning to assist Folkestone and District Council who are short of staff. Over the past year they have tackled Wakefield Walk, the wide borders between the canal and Prospect Road, Mackeson Square, the bed by Blue Shield Insurance and, most notably, the Princess Diana Sensory Garden at Oaklands. This had become very overgrown so they were able to cut everything back and, with funding from District Councillor Douglas Wade’s Ward Budget, replant in the gaps to very pleasing effect. The garden now boasts lots of new plants, including Rosemary, Russian Sage and Sarcococca, all of which have added to the glorious fragrance in the garden. The volunteers have also repaired the fence which provides the boundary, so altogether a great job.

The group is always looking for more volunteers so, if you are interested, please visit and leave a message. No ongoing commitment is required.

Added 14th April 2022


What we Do – A Letter to Civic Voice:

HCS projects for Civic Voice

Added 2nd September, 2020.


Eaton Lands Bumblebee Project:

Starting in late 2018, HCS volunteers have been working with Hythe Town Council, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the allotment society on a project to regenerate the wildflower meadow.  A joint survey of the wildflower meadow by HCS and the Bumblebee Trust identified 18 species (58 species had been sown originally).  It was decided to sow a further quantity of 17 species favourable to bumblebees, including yellow rattle which helps to restrict the growth of the meadow grass.  In addition, bee hotels were to be provided to encourage those varieties which nest above ground.  This work is now deferred indefinitely by the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions.

Added 27th June, 2020.


Hythe Triangle Community Garden:

A public meeting was held on Saturday 15th February in the Salvation Army Hall.  Four HCS committee members attended, there were two local councillors present and about 34 local residents also present.   Ashley Tanton and Andy Maguire welcomed all and set the scene.  They emphasised that local residents’ further help was now needed, including with the fund-raising effort, if the project’s aims are to be achieved.  They warmly acknowledged and welcomed the support of the Civic Society. 

Attendees were asked to indicate their willingness to support one or more of joining a formalised Friends Group, becoming a Trustee, participating in activity days and publicity, joining a fundraising group and joining an ideas group.  There were many questions as  to the form a community garden would take, with differing sets of views about this though gravitating to a managed semi-wild garden.

Tidy-up sessions were conducted on the site on 21st February and 1st March with practical support from FHDC.  

A meeting on site was planned but has been postponed indefinitely due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Amended 21st March 2020.


St.Leonard’s Churchyard:

Volunteers to help keep the churchyard looking trim are always welcome.  If you would like to join our working parties or to help in any other way, please contact us or telephone Sally Chesters on 01303 266118.