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07/12/18  Talks – 9th Jan 2019 corrected to 8th Jan.

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28/11/18  Talks – revised programme.

26/11/18  Projects

23/11/18  Planning Applications


Eaton Lands Bumblebee Project:

Starting in November last year HCS volunteers have been working with Hythe Town Council, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and the allotment society on a project to regenerate the wildflower meadow, following a quick survey by a Bumblebee Trust member and  Alan Joyce (HCS) to identify the wildflower species currently in the meadow.  Some 18 species were identified (58 species had been sown originally).  In early December the team of volunteers prepared 7 patches of varying sizes and sowed a further quantity of 17 species, including yellow rattle which helps to restrict the growth of the meadow grass.  It is hoped that regenerating the meadow will enhance the insect population and in addition reintroduce ground-nesting bumblebees.  Also, it is planned to introduce bee hotels to encourage those varieties which nest above ground during 2019.

Added  13th January, 2019.

Another Change to Talks Programme:
Unfortunately, Bronwen Sadler was unable to speak to us on Tuesday, 27th November as planned but luckily Len Howell, whose talk on ‘The Cinque Ports’ was booked for 12th February next year, was able to come at the last minute and his talk was most interesting.  Bronwen Sadler’s talk on ‘William Wilberforce and the Abolition of Slavery in the UK’ has been rescheduled for 12th February.  The programme on the TALKS Page has been revised accordingly,  Please amend your copy of the programme.

Added 28th  November, 2018


St.Leonard’s Churchyard:

Volunteers to help keep the churchyard looking trim are always welcome.  If you would like to join our working parties or to help in any other way, please contact us or telephone Sally Chesters on 01303 266118.

Added  22nd November 2018


Eaton Lands Community Orchard:

Further tree work is due to be carried out in the next 2 weeks and the clearance of the nettles will be carried out before any planting. After consultation with various local experts it is likely that this will be by spraying.  As a result tree planting has been delayed. Alan Joyce (Hythe Civic Society ) and George Kirby ( Hythe Environmental Community Group ) will be visiting Keeper’s Nursery to discuss  variety of stock.

Added 30th October, 2018


Hythe Triangle Community Garden:

The trustees of the Community Garden are still in the process of seeking finding from the Heritage Lottery for the restoration work. They have been asked to provide more information as regards its heritage and as a consequence have approached the Civic Society Local History Group for advice.

Added 30th October, 2018


Talks – Changes to Programme:

Regrettably, for reasons beyond our control, we have had to make the following changes to our programme for the forthcoming season:

Frank Turner has had to cancel his talk scheduled for 22nd January, 2019 due to ill health.  We are grateful to Chris McCooey for standing in with his talk “Smuggling on the South Coast”.  See Talks for a synopsis.

To accommodate a difficulty, two speakers have agreed to swap dates.  Thus Imogen Corregan (13th November 2018) now will give us “The Cathars” on 9th April, 2019 and Juliette Pattinson (9th April, 2019) will give us “The Liberation of France” on 13th November, 2018.

These changes have been made to the programme seen on the TALKS page.  Please note these changes on your copy of our programme.

Added 22nd October, 2018.