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Links to other Clubs and Societies etc

Hythe’s rich social history is reflected in the many societies, clubs, community and social organisations that have come about over a long period of time. Just click on the links provided to explore a little of their history.

Also featured is a short piece about the former ‘Four Winds Cafe’, typical of seafront cafes of its time.

Hythe Bowling Club - http://hythebowlingclub.com/

Hythe Cricket Club - http://www.hythecsc.com/club-history/

Hythe Tennis Club - https://clubspark.lta.org.uk/hytheltc/Membership/ABOUTUS

Hythe and Saltwood Sailing Club - http://www.hssc.net/history/

Hythe Town Football Club - https://www.hythetownfc.co.uk/history-1/

Hythe Aqua - https://www.hytheaqua.org.uk/index2.html

Hythe Town Concert Band - https://hythetownconcertband.com/history.html

Hythe Salvation Army - https://www.hythesalvationarmy.org.uk/our-history/

Sene Valley Golf Club - https://www.senevalleygolfclub.co.uk/club-history/

St Leonard’s Church - https://www.slhk.org/ourthreechurches.htm

Hythe Green Preservation Society - http://www.hythegreen.org.uk/

Hythe Triangle Community Garden - https://hythetriangle.uk/

Hythe Electric Boat - http://www.electricboathythe.co.uk/

Hythe Canal & Wildlife - https://hythecanalwildlife.uk/

Classic Cafes’ feature on the Four Winds Cafe - http://www.classiccafes.co.uk/four_winds.htm

Romney Marsh, The Fifth Continent - https://theromneymarsh.net/

Christine Warren's 'Hythe - Then and Now' site - http://www.warrenpress.net/FolkestoneThenNow/Hythe.html