Our Christmas Social Evening this year was livened up by a very well-researched and highly entertaining talk by Geoff Hutchinson on the folklore and traditions of Christmas, explaining the origins of all the familiar features of the modern Christmas. How many of us knew, before Geoff told us, why we put up Christmas trees, where the magic of mistletoe came from, what holly berries signify - or yule logs, and how the first Christmas card came be printed? Geoff and his eager reindeer took us on a joyful, jingling sleigh-ride through a thousand years of history, liberally interspersed with humorous, sometimes risqué asides, occasionally bursting into song.

The Sports Pavilion proved to be a happy choice of venue. About sixty people attended: there was plenty of room to circulate and seats for everyone at tables seating eight. There was a most interesting display of photographs of Hythe in years gone by and a table of for-sale small, framed pictures of Hythe and other places. There was a guess-the-weight-of-the-cake competition and a raffle (not too many prizes!). Coffee, mince pies and mulled wine were served non-stop making the Social a most enjoyable event. Master of ceremonies was our chairman, Crispin Davies.

Our compliments to the events team for producing such a lively and entertaining evening.




Details of our Summer Outings will be given here as they are suggested and arranged.

We will also publicise events arranged with or by other Hythe organisations. Watch this space!

If there is any place of interest that you have always wanted to visit and think that other members might also be interested, why not email us with your suggestion and we would consider it as a possible outing in the future.



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