Respected throughout Hythe, the Civic Society has an influential voice on a range of matters. Your subscription will help support the Society in its work for the well-being of the community and its environment and, by joining, you get a chance to have your say on current issues.


As well as enabling you to take part in our various events, membership gives you opportunities to help with some of the many activities undertaken by the Society but, of course, this is entirely voluntary. We are always looking for members who are prepared to serve on the committee and members with appropriate skills who can assist the committee in their tasks. Friends meet and newcomers to Hythe often get acquainted with the community at HCS events.

As a member you will receive our bi-monthly Newsletter. Your entry fee (an optional donation) to our Talks is half that of non-members. On joining, you will receive a New Member's Pack filled with local information and a selection of the Society's very popular Publications including "Remember Hythe" by Rufus Segar. For further information please contact enquiries@hythecivicsociety.org or Alan Joyce 01303 267085 for the application form.

As a Registered Charity the Society can reclaim the tax paid on any subscription or donation you make (provided that you are a UK tax-payer) and increase its value by approximately 20% without costing you anything.  This can be a valuable source of income to the Society and you are encouraged to download and complete the Gift Aid form with your application so that we can take advantage of the current tax year.

Joining couldn’t be easier, just download the forms below, complete and return to:

Mr. A. Joyce, 6, London Road, Hythe, Kent. CT21 4DF

together with your first subscription payment which may be by cheque or cash.


Membership Application and Gift Aid Forms

Annual subscription is just £10 per household

payable on 1st April.

The subscription paid by those joining during January, February or March covers them for the whole period until 1st April the following year.

Members who live outside Hythe can elect to receive their newsletter by email or, if they prefer, by post, in which case their annual subscription is increased

by £4 to cover the costs of postage and packing.