Held by Zoom on 11th May, 2021


Chairman, Crispin Davies, welcomed about 55 members to the meeting.

APOLOGIES: Annette Armour; Jill Ayling; Stuart Bilsland; Richard Holme; Judith Marks and, Mike Umbers.


Crispin proposed Christopher Melchers for the position of President of the Society for a period of three years. This was seconded and carried unanimously. Christopher took the chair for the remainder of the meeting.


Because of the covid-19 pandemic no annual general meeting had been held in 2020. Therefore the written annual report (click here) and the annual accounts (click here) for the 2019/2020 year were approved as a true record.

The written annual report (click here) and annual accounts (click here) for the 2020/21 year had been circulated electronically before the meeting and were approved as a true record.


It was agreed that the small new development at Grey Walls, Albert Road be awarded the Capon Shield.

It was agreed that an Outstanding Service Award be given to the Hythe Community Hub for its work during the coronavirus pandemic.

It was agreed that an Outstanding Service Award be given to Salvation Army Captains Callum and Berri McKenna for their services to the community before, and especially, during the coronavirus pandemic.


Roger Neaves and Mike Umbers were elected Vice-Presidents of the Society, proposed and seconded by the committee.

The following were also elected:

Chairman: Crispin Davies.

Vice-Chairman: Betty Black.

Hon. Treasurer: Alan Joyce.

Hon. Secretary: Mary Hunter.

Executive Committee: Jill Ayling, Sally Chesters, Ian Hill, Keith Miles, Kim Murton, Paul Naylor, and Michael Tubman.

The President thanked Anne Petrie and Sally Starbuck, who were standing down, for their services on the committee. Also, he thanked David Hammond for his services on the committee – particularly as newsletter editor.


This amendment, which was agreed, now allows the Society to make Outstanding Service Awards to organisations and informal groups of individuals in exceptional circumstances in addition to individuals.

Amended Note 8 now reads:

"The Society may from time to time make an award of a framed certificate to an individual, and in exceptional circumstances to a group of individuals or organisation who or which has rendered outstanding service to the community of Hythe commensurate with the Objects of the Society listed in Clause 2 of the Constitution. Such service will normally be unpaid and outside the individual's, group of individuals’, or organisation's normal profession, occupation or elected office. Nominations for this award, which can be made by any member, will be considered by the Committee. The nominee need not be a member of the Society. The wording on the Certificate will include the words 'In appreciation of your outstanding service to the community of Hythe'. Presentation is normally made at the AGM but can be made at some other convenient time."


The President announced that no business from members had been received by the Hon Secretary and there being no other business closed the meeting.

Vice Chairman, Betty Black, then introduced Andrew Wall who gave us a most interesting illustrated talk about his life as a Royal Marines bandsman on the Royal Yacht Britannia.

Crispin Davies, Chairman Date: