Notice is hereby given that the 73rd Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held in the Town Hall on Tuesday, 8th May, 2018 at 7:00 pm.


1. Chairman’s Announcements.

2. Talk by Anne Petrie: "Remembering 1918"

3. Presentation of Awards:

3.1 Certificate for Outstanding Service to the Community to be presented to

Rev. Desmond Sampson.

3.2 HCS Plaque to be presented to Shepway District Council for its restoration of the Tram

Shelter on Princes Parade.

4. Apologies for absence.

5. Approval of minutes of previous AGM held on 9th May 2017.

6. Matters arising.

7. Consideration of a change to the Constitution proposed by the Chairman and seconded by the Committee

as follows: That a new power 4 be inserted into the list of powers contained in section 2 OBJECTS of

the Constitution to read "To take part in public consultations about topics of concern to members of the

Society and to comment on planning proposals" and that subsequent powers be re-numbered accordingly.

8. Committee Reports for 2017-2018.

9. Election of Chairman, to be conducted by the Vice-Chairman. Crispin Davies has been

proposed by Christopher Melchers and seconded by the Committee.

10. Election of Officers. The following have been proposed and seconded by the Committee:

Vice-Chairman: Christopher Melchers.

Hon. Treasurer: Alan Joyce.

Hon. Secretary: Mrs. Mary Hunter.

11. Election of Committee. The following have been proposed by Crispin Davies and

seconded by Mary Hunter:

Carol Adams, Betty Black, Joyce Carter, Sally Chesters, Ian Hill, Kim Murton, Anne Petrie,

Michael Tubman, Jane Twist.

12. Any Other Business.


Any Member desiring to make a proposal or raise a matter not covered by the above agenda is requested to give the Hon. Secretary written notice not later than 7 days before the AGM.

Our committee is two members short: anyone interested please email enquiries@hythecivicsociety.org

Hon. Secretary: Mrs. Mary Hunter, 47 Harpswood Lane, Hythe, Kent. CT21 4BH



REPORT of 2017 AGM

Christopher Melchers, Chairman, welcomed an audience of about 60 to the meeting and introduced guest speakers Mrs. Sonette Schwartz, Principal of Brockhill Park Performing Arts College, Luke Haisell, teacher; and Johnnie Hobbs, pupil & Hythe Youth Ambassador.

All three of them were very enthusiastic about the school and the type of education that the students receive.  There are always more potential students than places available partly because the college offers such diverse courses.  Apart from the usual classrooms there is a fully equipped theatre, and a school farm and farm shop. The farm is, apparently, the best school farm in the country.

The college would like to strengthen its links with the town and, with that in mind, Mrs. Schwartz suggested that tickets for some of their productions at the theatre were available to anyone interested - telephone: 01303 265521

Turning to Society business, the Chairman informed members that during the year, Mike O'Sullivan had relinquished his role as Vice-Chairman but would remain on the committee where his knowledge of legal matters would be much valued. He thanked Mike and explained that the committee had appointed Crispin Davies as Vice-Chairman in Mike's stead.

The Chairman then invited the Hon. Treasurer and committee members in turn to give their reports before he gave his own. Among many items he announced that John Keeffe would be standing down from the committee. In thanking John he pointed out that John had served for over ten years and, according to our constitution, was qualified to become an Honorary Life Member, a well-deserved privilege. This drew a round of applause.

An increase in the annual subscription from £8 to £10 per household with effect from 1st April, 2018 was proposed by Alan Joyce, Hon. Treasurer, seconded by the Chairman, and was carried unanimously.

Elections of Chairman and Vice-Chairman: Christopher Melchers and Crispin Davies then effectively swapped places with Christopher conducting the election of Crispin to the Chair first. Assuming the Chair, Crispin thanked Christopher for his 6 1/2 years in his role as Chairman and presented him with a framed copy of Hilary Scoble's picture of Hythe (see below).

Crispin then conducted the election of Christopher as Vice-Chairman and continued with the election of Treasurer, Secretary and committee members. Those elected were:

Hon. Treasurer: Alan Joyce.

Hon. Secretary: Mary Hunter

Executive Committee: Betty Black, Joyce Carter, Sally Chesters, Ian Hill, Valerie Mercer, Mike O'Sullivan, Anne Petrie, Michael Tubman, Jane Twist.

Before closing the meeting Crispin reminded members that the committee was short of three members and urged anyone wanting to contribute some of their time, experience and/or expertise towards the well-being of Hythe to contact him or any committee member.




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